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Well Experienced

We’ve been in the roof tiles Malaysia business for more than 20 years. Countless projects and experience has made us one of the best roof tiles supplier in Malaysia.

Quality Assurance

The bulk of our products are tested and acknowledge by SIRIM. Selected products also come with a 30 year warranty.

24/7 Availability

We are always available24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re always ready and well equipped to handle any issues or inquiries you may have.

Roof Tiles Malaysia

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IKO Asphalt Shingles Roof
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CTI Asphalt Shingles Roof
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Roofing Components
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Terreal Roof Tiles
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GCI Clay Roof Tile
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Concrete Tile
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Roof Tiles Supplier Malaysia

One of the largest and most dedicated roof tiles supplier in Malaysia
More then 10,000 projects completed with 20 years of experience

Cultivating Great Results

Our years in business supplying roof tiles in Malaysia has allowed us to identify some of the best products in the market. Our selection goes through a thorough process of test to meet international benchmarks and standards. As a roof tiles supplier in Malaysia we feel its a responsibility to the community to bring in only the best. When you think roof tiles Malaysia you think Edaran Prestasi. Here to bring you the best there is.

Our core strength is that we are the One Stop Roofing Solution center you can easily locate. We carry a comprehensive range of products covering every aspect of your roofing needs.


Our core strength is that we are the One Stop Roofing Solution center you could easily locate. We carry comprehensive range of products from A to Z that could cater to all your needs.


Malaysia is a country that still heavily rely on Development sector. There are many opportunities that we can work together, either you are developer, contractors or even house owners. Give us a ring and we can schedule for a meet up.


Being too deep in the industry let us identified our weakness, which is that we focus too much on the Klang Valley market. From time to time there may have enquiries from other states but we are still very focused. Let’s expand our territories by asking us to quote somewhere outside our comfort zone!


There are a lot of small time roof reseller in the market that doesn’t care about after sales service. This is something that we are not particularly proud of. Be it a multimillion dollar job, or even a single small re-roofing, we will make sure you receive the best service from us!

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